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Instabrand Me is a different kind of Instagram course. Unlike other courses that are focused on using Instagram for building product-based businesses, Instabrand Me is focused on teaching you step-by-step on how to build a personal brand you can leverage. Afterall, that's exactly how I've been able to earn paid brand partnerships, gain almost all of my clients for my marketing and photography business, enjoy free products and experiences, and land speaking opportunities.

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Kama Jones


Kama Jones

I was feeling SO STUCK with my Instagram game. I was hovering at 600 followers, had low engagement and NO partnerships. I was working really really hard and getting nowhere. Not a good feeling. The Instabrand Me course (and its ongoing community) has made all the difference to my brand goals, growth, strategy, and success. The tools I've learned have helped me grow my audience to over 13,000 loyal followers (and still growing), earn over $20,000 worth of free products and experiences, and create paid partnerships with some great brands and organizations, including tourism boards!
Asia Crawford


Asia Crawford

Before Instabrand Me, I had done my fair share of research on how to brand yourself and grow your following but I felt like I was doing a lot of work and it was moving at a pretty slow rate. Around 300 followers is when I kept hearing about Instabrand Me and I had also just launched my blog. I was SUPER hesitant to join as I am a very frugal person and didn’t want to spend the money on the course because I was worried it would just be information I had already read elsewhere. My gut kept telling me to invest in myself for ONCE. Exactly one week after my blog launch, I gave in, invested in myself and started Instabrand Me. Once I started the course, I couldn’t put it down. Not only is the information incredibly valuable, but the resources that Caley provides are beyond anything I have ever signed up for. Within one month of starting the course I had reached 1,000 followers. Today, only 6 months later, I am sitting at just over 6,000 followers, with a highly engaged audience. I credit Caley for so much as I use her tips all the time. I find myself even to this day constantly going back to certain parts of the course to refresh my mind on what to do or how to keep improving. I am proud to say that with the help of Instabrand Me, I have been able to get some great PAID brand partnerships and have received thousands of dollars worth of free product.
  • Over 6 Hours of Self-Paced Instruction

    Through 6 Modules and over 6 hours of instruction, you're going to learn the ins and outs of discovering and building your personal brand, building your following on Instagram, and how to leverage it to get free products and experiences, paid partnerships, and convert those followers into paying clients for your service-based business. Oh, and I know you're busy, so it's all completely self-paced! Keep scrolling to see the exact course curriculum.

  • Private VIP Facebook Community

    Every course participant will gain access to the exclusive Instabrand Me Facebook support group. The group will act as a place to meet other participants, discuss the latest in Instagram, and have access to Periodic Facebook group coaching calls with me! You’ll even get to stay in the group after you’ve completed the course!

  • Templates, Worksheets, Guides, and More!

    The course comes with worksheets, cheat sheets, and templates throughout! These include pitching templates, a media kit template, a guide to camera selection, worksheets to uncover your personal brand, and more!

Your Coach

  • Caley Dimmock

    Founder, Instabrand Me

    Caley Dimmock

    I’m Caley, a branding and marketing expert, photographer, and educator, who helps individuals and brands build their presence through marketing and creative development. I’ve also built my own personal brand on Instagram from 2,000 to over 21,000 followers in only 2 years, and now work with brands regularly on paid collaborations, gain almost all of my clients for my marketing and photography businesses from Instagram, and have even been featured by Forbes for doing so!

Course curriculum

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